Frequently asked questions

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1 out of 3 of every website in the word is built using WordPress, including many of the Fortune 5000 companies. Whilst it is the most powerful and user friendly tool used to build websites, there are tasks and projects that a web administrator without coding and programming experience would need assistance completing. Quix has a team of expert WordPress developers at your disposal to complete any task and project that has to do with a WordPress website, that includes: designing and developing a new WordPress website from scratch; upgrading existing website; fixing bugs, maintaining and monitoring website performance, etc. Basically anything that has to do with WordPress, the team at Quix is here to help.

Creating and maintaining a website can be a daunting task for people without a programming background. WordPress provides a user friendly and intuitive Content Management System (CMS) that enables web administrator to perform their day to day website tasks without needing to get into the codes buried deep in the website. That’s why it is used to build more than 30% of ALL the websites in the world.

No. But if you do own or run a website built using other tools / CMS we can definitely help you to migrate it to WordPress, it is one of our more popular project requests.

Anything WordPress related really. Our most popular projects include designing and building new websites, speed and performance optimisation, bug fixing, moving non-WordPress websites to WordPress, backups, etc.

We would like to be the go-to expert for WordPress related tasks and we want to be really good at it by focusing solely on what we’re best at – WordPress related tasks. Some examples of the tasks that the Quix service DO NOT include are: administrative tasks (e.g. uploading texts / images / contents in bulk), image enhancement (e.g. resizing, touching up, etc), third party software (we do integrate APIs from third party software and tools to WordPress but we will not perform any tasks purely on the said software).

You can click the ‘Submit a Task’ button in our homepage Quix.hk, use the form to tell us about the task you want us to complete.

Absolutely! It is in fact our most frequently requested project. We have great designers that build visually stunning websites. Check our our portfolio here!

No. Once we have completed your website design project, you’ll own everything, from design to source code of the website. We’ll provide you with the login credentials to your WordPress backend dashboard where you can manage and update your website. We’ll also provide a tailor written user manual with detail screenshots and descriptions and steps to show you how to make changes to your website. The only ongoing cost you would need to pay is for hosting and you are free to choose any hosting provider you find most suitable for your website. 

* In the rare case that we cannot complete your task, we will give you a 100% refund.

Before we begin any task we always take a full website backup that we can restore to prevent any unforeseen incident or loss of data.

It really depends on the task you send us. Once we’ve received your task submission, our team will evaluate the time and effort needed to complete it and your Project Manager will explain to you the scope of the task as well as give you a transparent quotation. You can then decide whether to go ahead.

For a task-based project (e.g. fixing a bug, improve website speed) we take 100% payment upfront. For a larger project (e.g. building a new website from scratch) we have a milestone structure where you’ll only need to pay once we complete a preset milestone.

We accept online payment via credit cards as well as bank transfer.

Our monthly plan is great for businesses who need regular support for their WordPress website. The monthly plan comes in different tiers depending on the man-hour included (3 hours, 5 hours and 10 hours). All plans also come with these routinely performed tasks: daily full website backup, themes and plugins update, security monitoring, uptime monitoring, etc.