Web Design Hong Kong

Best Practice Web Design

At Quix, we employ best web design practices to develop your new website. It means web design process that involves writing clean codes, using fewer plugins, thinking SEO and responsiveness, as well as building user friendly CMS backend. Our team of talented designer, developer and project manager remain at your disposal at every stage of the web design process to make sure your new website looks and works beautifully and seamlessly. Our strong website maintenance track record also ensures that you will get all the support needed for the day to day operation of your new website.

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Visually Stunning

Sleek and eye-catching, we design websites that stand out and catch your clients' attention
Wordpress website database and migration service by quix hong kong
Functional and Durable

Best practice development process and coding methodology, we build websites that are beautiful from the inside
Brand Identity and Corporate Message

Thorough user and competitor research to fully position your brand and convey your organisation message
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User Friendly Back-end

Intuitive backend admin interface. Update and publish new content or products without any programming or technical knowledge
Wordpress website securities, firewall and malware cleanup service by quix hong kong

All websites we design and develop are on-site SEO readied for Google and other major search engines to index
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Fully Responsive

From desktop and tablet to mobile, our web design process make sure your new website is fully compatible to all major devices and screen sizes

How we work

Before beginning the actual web design process, we’ll first speak to you to learn more about the specifics of your requirements in your new website, both on the business and design/visual standpoint. (~1 week). We’ll then begin to design your website ‘on paper’ by creating high fidelity mockup pages of the whole of your website so that you can see exactly how the new website will look in a browser. We’ll work with you and iterate the design until you are 100% satisfied. (~2-3 weeks). Next is the actual website development stage where we do the heavy lifting of implementing the mockup pages and turning them into codes and themes (~3 weeks). We then release the first version of the finished website so that you can test the functionalities and features, before we make changes base on your feedbacks (~1-2 weeks). Upon full approval, we make the website live under your hosting server, you own everything of the website, from code to design to contents.

What sets Quix apart from other Hong Kong web design agency is our thorough pre-development planning, from specification document writing, to unlimited mockup iteration, we make sure you can visualise your new website at a very early stage of the web design process and are always in the loop on updates and progresses. 

Full refund policy

Design is subjective and we understand that. It would be hard for you to choose a web design agency just by looking at previous work reference because every website is different. That’s why at Quix, we are the only web design agency in Hong Kong that offers a refund policy. If our web design style ends up not being your cup of tea, then you’ll get your money back (terms and conditions applied).

Project Reference

At Quix our team of website designer and developer will work with you until you are 100% happy with your new website.